Proposals, Grants, & Projects

DAO grant and proposal development is a key part of the Web3 process – we’ve helped shepherd almost $1M in grants since our founding in December 2021.

EVM Crispr integration – Aragon’s core codebase was stale and hadn’t seen an update in 2 years. dTech worked to bring top-tier talent back to the table to secure almost $180k in funding for Blossom labs and their product

Original dTech funding – our team is a spawn of an Aragon DAO proposal submitted by Brent Russell

ShowKarma integration – dTech coordinated ShowKarma’s release with Vocdoni, Discord, Discourse, and Aragon Voice integrations

Season 1 dTech funding – creating a sustainable team to create a more sustainable support model

FOAM.SPACE radio grant – develop proof-of-location on-chain primitives for non-gerrymandered voting research

Eth Safari funding – $100k+ from web3 sponsors

Civic Innovation Grant – Community fellowship award to develop library cards as credit cards for low-income community members

Huehuetenango internet access development project – $5000 micro-grant from Charlottesville sister-city commission to fund Internet access in remote Guatemalan areas

3d scanning for wheelchair and low vision accessibility – 2021-2022 LYRASIS catalyst award, $20k for leading edge research in consumer 3d scanning and accessibility broadcasting

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